Karamursel Reunion 2003

Details as of January 24:

Room reservations -

Room reservations at the Sahara Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas should be made by calling the Sahara's toll free telephone 888-696-2121. State that you are with the Karamursel reunion. Reservations must be made by May 11, any rooms in the group allotment not reserved by then will be released back to the Sahara but may still be available at the hotel retail rate.

Our group rates apply from the nights of  June 11 to June 14 (Wed-Sat), minimum stay is two nights (hotel policy). A one night deposit per room is required for the reservation but is completely refundable if cancelled 48 hours before the date. I must also notify you that no one under 21 is allowed to "visit in or around" the casino (its in the contract that I mention this).

Actual room rates, including the 9% sales tax, the $3 energy surcharge, and rounding up to the nearest dollar (just because I like round numbers) will be $35 per room Wed 6/11 and Thu 6/12 and $79 (higher weekend rate) for Fri 6/13 and Sat 6/14. If Wednesday is not early enough, you should be able to get a similar rate ($35-$38) for Sun-Tue before.

Evening activities -

We have the Sahara's Golden Room reserved for Friday and Saturday evenings for two group functions which will include food, drinks, and entertainment/activities yet to be determined. This part is the tricky part as the Sahara charges us as a group for food, drinks, audiovisual equipment, and other expenses. Plus if we do not meet a certain threshold as far as the food and drinks go, we are also subject to $500/night room rental fees and/or hourly bartender fees for the drinks. That should only be a problem if attendance falls below eighty or so people. We also have to give them an accurate count for meals three days in advance and we are obliged to cover the costs for that count that we give them. This means that I would like to begin taking reservations for the evening functions in advance and collect the money before the count is turned in to the Sahara so that all the meals will be guaranteed and paid for (at the San Antonio reunion, we ended up paying for those who said they would attend and did not). I will need a final count by June 10.

The cost per evening function will be $40 per person, if paid before May 11 (when my preliminary count is due to the Sahara). After May 11, the cost will be $45 per person. If for some reason, you have to cancel, the money will be refundable so long as you let me know by June 10.

T-shirts will also be available. This year, the shirts will be a little fancier. Six colors, a pocket, small graphic on front with larger graphic on back. Estimated cost will be $20 per shirt.

Please signup for the functions and/or shirts at our sign up page.Its a form that will send an email to me (plus a copy back to you for your records). This will allow us to better plan the reunion in advance.

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