KHS Reunion - Thursday Night

The reunion wasn't officially supposed to start until Friday but for many, the wait wastoo long. The reunion got off to an early start on Thursday evening. After meeting fordinner, the first of three nightly parties started in Ralph Diaz's spacious suite. And aseach day went by, the nightly parties lasted longer. This first one went until after 3 am.The next night, Tonia was still working on a pizza order at that same time in the morning.

Present at the first evening's festivities - Tanya Abreau, Karen Butler Jones, VickiUllring Gould, Kelly Neher, David Herron, Tonia Kolencik Ashworth, Ples Kujawa, BobCarrier, Joyce Carrier, Kristi Jourdan, Linda Dryer, Rick Dorrity, Louis Scaramucci, and Ralph Diaz (not pictured - he took the pictures).

(all captions are above the pictures)

Tanya Abreau and Karen Butler comparing notes.

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From left to right - Vicki Ulring Gould, Kelly Neher, Muriel Herron (Dave's wife), Dave Herron

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Tonia Kolencik Ashworth

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Lets try clockwise starting with Tonia on the left, Joyce Carrier, Vicki Ulring, Kelly Neher, Muriel Herron, Dave Herron, Tanya Abreau, Karen Butler.

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On the couch are Tanya Abreau, Karen Butler, and Linda Dryer with Ples Kujawa looking on.

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Tanya Abreau on ther left, Kelli Neher center, and Vicki Ulring on the right

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Joyce Carrier on the couch. On the floor are Debbie Adcox and Bob Carrier.

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Below, left to right - Kay Herron, Rick Doritty, Linda Dryer, and Dave Herron.

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At the table, left to right, Karen Butler, Ples Kujawa, Kristi Jourdan.

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Joyce Carrier, Debbie Adcox, Bob Carrier

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Group photo for the Thursday party - top row, left to right, Rick Doritty, Linda Dryer, and Bob Carrier. Center row - Kristi Jourdan, Ples Kujawa, Tanya Abreau, Joyce Carrier. Bottom row - Karen Butler, Tonia Kolencik, Debbie Adcox, Kelly Neher, and Vicki Ulring. And underneath Debbie - that is Louis Scaramucci.

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Group photo, same as above

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Another group photo like the two above, except Rick Doritty joins in on the right and Louis Scaramucci can now be seen.

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Pictures from Friday night gathering

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