Reunion 2001

San Antonio

by Kelly Neher-Harrell 
I was raised on 
Sunflower and poppy fields 
Castles across the bay 
Marmara Sea and all its yields 
Songs that call to pray. 

I was raised on 
Camping by the Black Sea 
Minaret lights at night 
Shish kabob and pumpkin seeds 
Lemon cologne that's lite. 

I was raised on 
Tea in little glasses 
Hard bread and sesame rings 
Great teachers and good classes 
Education that culture brings. 

I was raised on 
White ferries on the water 
Ataturk statues and a good snow 
A loving mother and father 
The kind my friends all know. 

I was raised on 
Ephesus for my birthday 
Fresh fruit right off the tree 
Goodbyes to friends on their way 
A full childhood without TV. 

I was raised on 
Filet Mignon and Turkish wine 
Whirling dervishes and great friends
A life I can call all mine 
The memories will never end. 

(The dedication from Kelly is:  This poem is written in honor of my parents, Judith and 
Herschel Neher.  Their love and support is a constant source of inspiration 
for me.  I can not thank them enough for the loving upbringing and memories 
they provided me of a wonderful place in a far away land.  I love you Mom and 
Day,  Kelly) 

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