Sizin prezervatifler yikaniyor!

On January 22 (1998), the Hurriyet, a daily Turkish newspaper, published two stories on the American presence in Karamursel during the 1970s. The source of these stories was Chuck Maki's Americans in Tirkey website at

The title of the main article was "Sizin preservatifler yikaniyor" which translates in English as "Your condoms are washable".

I had to ask Chuck what our connection to condoms was. I thought maybe the whole thing was a joke. But the condoms are part of Rick Hudson's story at

And I made the article at the end. I was quoted from a page at Chuck's site on my experiences going to school and living in the high school dorm. But I didn't realize until I received an actual scan of the paper that not only was I in a separate article, they actually used two of my pictures.

Below are scans of the articles. The on-line version (minus photos) can be seen at


The entire page including the main condoms story is below: