From Linda Rymer's scrapbook:

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The back of the teen center

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From the yearbook, a couple of scans.

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I don't know what Linda thinks is so bad about this picture (those are her comments typed on the picture in boldface). It could be worse - see my picture below this one.







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Its me!

    I'm not sure why I'm actually wearing a tie in this yearbook picture. It   certainly wasn't my normal attire. But then since I was on the          yearbook staff, I must have cleared this photo before it could be used.

     This, from the person, who not too long afterwards was known to     say - "Don't trust people who wear ties." One of my many      philosophical sayings thats still valid today.









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   Group photos taken outside Cathy Mariani’s house May 74
TOP row: starting Karen Butler (left)(Yellow shirt) David Hall, Debbie Welner, Keith Loree, Pam Hall, Roger Mcgill, Becky Robozzi, Bob Robozzi, Kelly ?, Ken Loree, Carol Bundick.
BOTTOM row: Linda Rymer, Ron Frost, Cheryl Ingram, Bill Williams, (willy), Mark Mitchell, Gene Lee, Cathy Mitchell, Sheri Hall, Greg Bennett, Tonya Abrue, Karen ?, & Dave Dalton



Bottom picture: Keith Loree, & Debbie Welner, (now Married ) Bill William, Linda Rymer, Ken Loree, & Carol Bundick






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Top picture: Bob Robozzi






Bottom picture: Linda Rymer







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Top Picture: Cathy Marriani (Hawkins) Cheryl Imgram






Bottom Picture: Teresa Pehacek Hal Wilson







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    Top picture: outside THE DORM - Jim Johnson






Bottom picture: Karen Butler, Karen Marsh, Pam Hall