Karamursel Class Pictures


Class of 1972 group, from left to right, Ron Nolet, Becky (Skags) Feller, Ron Feller

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Class of 1973 (maybe I should call it group of '73 because a few in this picture left Karamursel High in '73 and were actually juniors at the time) - left to right again: Jeanna Lyons, Nan Bishop, Angie Robertson, Paul Dion, Jo Keggler, and Mike Sharp.

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Class of '74, the largest graduating class at KHS, represented at the reunion by:

Bottom row: Terry Churchill, Gene Bennett, Andrea Ballantine, Ralph Diaz.
Top row: Kristy Jourdan, Mike Smith, Raleigh Hawes, Joyce Carrier, Dawn Totten, Robin Bennett, Brenda Blankenship, and me (David Councill).

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Class of '75,  Lee Reinig, Mike Pehacek, Carol Bundick, Ples Kujawa, Gina Giovaninni, and Wayne Vanaman.

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1976 - Karen Butler, Mark Lyons, Tanya Abreau, Bob Carrier, David Herron, Tonia Kolencik, Kelly Neher, Vicki Ulring, and Dale Dapson.

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1977 - Karmursel's wildest class?? Vicki Ulring, Elizabeth Schupp, Pam Mixon, Louie Scaramucci putting a hug on Debbie Adcox, Beverly Mixon, Neal Reinig, Rick Dorrity, Kristi Neher, Debbie Mixon, Karen Reinig, and Annette Reinig.

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Kougar cheerleaders rule!

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Another picture of the still beautiful Kougar cheerleaders, from left to right:

Kristy Jourdan, Debbie Mixon, Beverly Mixon, Linda Dryer, Jeanna Lyons, Joyce Carrier, and Robin Bennett.

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More of Beverly's pictures from the reunion

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