Friday Night continued

Thats me, strategically seated next to the bar, and sitting next to Debbie Churchill,wife of my dorm roommate Terry Churchill, sitting next to her. Son looks on.

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Gene Bennett hamming up with the women - Linda Dryer and Debbie Mixon

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Thats me on the left of this picture. Even though I'm in this picture, I'm going to have to take a but of a guess on this picture. Waving is Teri Dryer and I think the person next to her is Jeanna Lyon. And Ples Kujawa is to the right.

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Below, left to right - Standing is Pam Mixon, Kelly Neher, Pat Lamontange. Seated are Kristie Neher, Karen Reinig, Bev Mixon, Linda Dryer, Deb Mixon.

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Below are Kelly and Kristi Neher's parents (Hersh and Judy) with Sam Alexander("Mr. A")

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Below - Dale Dapson and Kristi Jourdan Weiss on the left. On the right is Linda Dryer and Eddie Lamontange. Deb Mixon and Rick Doritty are in the background.

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On the picure below, I am standing on the left and Terry Churchill to the right, looking over Brenda Blankenship's shoulder as she thumbs through the yearbook. Seated on the table to the left is Terry's wife Debbie.

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The picture below is a bit dark but it looks like Vickie Ulring, Ples Kujawa's back, the corner of Kristie Jourdan's head, Debbie Adcox, Bob Carrier. And just to their right is Linda Dryer and Mark Northern.

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For those not at the reunion, I would let you guess the two in the bottom picture.Jeanna looks a lot different (and better!) than how I remember her. Ralph, maybe not so different, if you account for the much shorter hair.

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Pictures from Saturday morning gathering

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